Egg Carton Christmas Tree

Once again I have a smashing idea for an alternative DIY Christmas tree, made out of egg cartons. Everyone knows that when it comes to entertaining kids with crafts projects, there everyday items can prove to be invaluable and handy helpers. We all have them at home, and usually, wonder what to do with them once they are empty – to recycle them, to save them for re-use or even upcycle them. If you have your mind set on making an egg carton Christmas tree, you might want to save them, and even colour them, in case they are not green like on the picture.

Not-So-Ambitious Projects

In case, inspiration has struck you in the last minute, you can always try a smaller project that doesn’t require large supplies of old egg cartons.

1. Small Egg Carton Christmas Trees

Take these little Christmas trees, for instance. You can make a whole bunch of them just from a couple of egg cartons. They are a perfect project to have your preschooler decorate, while you are cooking or washing the dishes. Later you can hang them on a real tree, or even on the front porch. You will be amazed at how creative you kid can be.

2. A Hanging Egg Carton Christmas Tree

While this suggestion requires some basic DIY-skills, and at least two egg cartons, I can guarantee that you will have a lot of fun assembling it with your children. Moreover, you can get very creative when adding different decoration. Personally, I would suggest experimenting with a sea-themed décor, after all why not go all in when creating an alternative Christmas tree!

When it is ready, and the glue has dried off, you can hang it on the front door or above the fireplace.

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