Can a Pet Help Sell Your Property?

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Everyone knows that property market is far from thriving these days, therefore the real estate agents have no choice but to come up with unusual techniques to attract potential byers. In the US, there is a new trend in “home-staging”, it is called pet-staging and involves including a well-placed feline accomplice in the photographs of the property for sale. Whether it is just a crazy attempt to push for results in a stagnating market, or a genius strategy, remains to be seen…

Can a Pet Actually Help Sell Your Property?

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It is perfectly natural to ask yourself “How can a pet help sell your property?”. The answer will vary, depending on the buyers. Some people believe that including a furry friend like a dog or a cat in the brochure will make the place look more like a home, rather than a sterile environment. This can also appeal to the lifestyle of the potential purchaser.

With the property market as competitive as never before, vendors will do literally anything to gain an edge over the rivals. However, allowing your pet, or even borrowing someone else’s, in the advertising brochure can be a double-edged sword, believe experts.

Which is the Most Appealing Pet?

We all know that Aussies love dogs, and having one in the picture of your home will most likely appeal to potential customers. However, for every dog-lover you will find a person with allergies, or someone who simply dislikes the man’s best friend. The same applies when you decide to put you beloved cat in the brochure.

Things become even more complicated, if an exotic animal like a snake or a spider is chosen for the photo shoot. Sometimes, maintaining a bit of a mystery as to what animals have been living in the property is the wisest decision…

What are the Complications of Including a Pet in the Brochure?

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Some home owners simply want to have their four-legged friends in the photographs because they are a vital part of their life, a member of the family. Others simply trust the real estate agents that the pet-staging will help them sell the property faster. Nevertheless, a decision has to be made whether to “use” a dog or a cat or even a more exotic creature.

What makes the pet-staging a gamble is that not all people are animal-lovers. To some a furry pet will mean one thing, and one thing only – stray hairs, grubby carpets, allergies, odd pet-smell and other animal-at-home-related cleaning problems. Actually, having a pet might be the reason for the potential buyer to request additional end of lease cleaning, just so he/ she can be certain that all traces of the feline have been erased.

In Conclusion:

Whether to opt for those American property-selling tactics or not is entirely up to you. If your home has been on the market for more than the average 8 weeks, you are probably ready to start thinking out-of-the-box.

On the other hand, I sincerely believe that a dog, waving its tail at the camera, will appeal to the average buyer in Australia more than anything else. Here is an interesting article in one of my favourite blogs on the topic that will explain better my reasoning: “If You Don’t Have a Dog, You Wouldn’t Understand”.

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