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Once again it is time for the most surprising Christmas tree ideas for this season. After a small research, I can claim that using books to build your very own holiday tree can be very fun. As it turns out there are numerous ways to use (or in some cases abuse) your favourite books to create the most unique Christmas tree ever! Check out some of my out-of-the-box ideas, and find your inspiration!

1. Books & Mirrors: Use Optic Illusion to “Build” Your Christmas Tree!

Remember how I always insist that mirrors are your best friends when decorating a room. They can make a small closed space look mush bigger. They can enhance your room décor in ways you will never imagine. So why not use them to create one-of-a-kind Christmas tree.

While this Christmas tree might not be assembled just out of books, as let’s face it for the foundations you will have to use editions with monstrous size, therefore, you can make a compromise, and throw in some cases, boxes, and anything that is the right size for the purpose. Enjoy your little “treasure hunt” while you are trying to assemble this particular Christmas tree!

2. Folded Pages: Destroy-The-Books Christmas Tree

In my opinion, this idea for an alternative Christmas tree is rather cruel to the books, but if you have your heart set on making something extraordinary, and you feel that you are ready to sacrifice some of your not-so-favourite books for the cause, maybe you will find this suggestion right up your alley! The more pages you fold – the better the tree would look. If you want to accent on the Christmas theme, you can throw in a few holiday decorations amid the chaos of paper – just for the fun of it. However, you should be prepared for some serious scolding, if someone in your family believes that books should be treated like treasures…

Just a last tip: you might have to glue the pages together, if you want your design to “stick”, so, please, use books that you really don’t deem particularly valuable.

3. Let The Snow Fall Down: Open Books Christmas Tree

The summer is just beginning here, but in case you are one of those romantic souls that still dream of a snow-covered Christmas tree, this is exactly what you need. Even better, you won’t be permanently damaging any books! For the snow you can use coconut flakes or anything else that pops up in your mind.

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