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Ready to go to the gym to get in shape and shed that pesky winter weight? Good, but exercises will only get you so far. That’s why you need to fuel up your body before you hit the gym. Ultimately, you have to combine your workouts with a healthy diet. So here’s what you should eat before and after a hard workout.

Before A Workout:

When it comes to pre-workout snack, carbs are your new besties. It’s essential to mix fast and slow acting carbs so that your body gets the energy it will need throughout the whole workout.

Whole toast with peanut butter and sliced banana. This is the perfect snack because it is easy to prepare and even easier to digest so that you don’t feel bloated during workouts. The complex carbs of the whole wheat and peanut butter will get you through your exercises while the simple, easily digestive carbs of the banana will give you an extra kick.

Another, much lighter pre-workout mean is a bowl of Greek yoghurt mixed with some nuts and dried fruit. Much like the banana in the previous recipe, the dried fruit will give your body energy, while the nuts keep your insulin levels from dropping. Don’t go over the top with the nuts though, the fat contained in them is harder to digest which will only slow you down.

After A Workout:

Post-workout meal must recover your body. That’s why you need lean protein and carbohydrates. Best way to get these is to grill a chicken and throw some veggies in the mix. Simple as that …

Another good dish that will help your muscles recover after a workout is salmon with sweet potato. The peptides in the fish will also level the insulin in your body and strengthen your joints.

Do you have any favourite pre/post-workout meals?

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