Best Beauty Tips of 2012

Every woman wants to be beautiful, desired and admired by the people around her. The art of beautifying oneself has become a million-dollar industry in which giants like L’Oreal, Nivea, Bourjois and many other race to provide the ladies with miraculous remedies for both glamorizing and preserving their eternal youth… and let’s admit it they are doing a pretty good job of it!

No matter, if you try to avoid being vain, or you are a novelty freak about new cosmetic products, the beauty industry is a constant source of news, useful tips, and even fun. The point is to enjoy the entire process, and try to stay in sync with the new trends – no one likes to look like a granny version of themselves when standing next to their friends.

With no further ado, I will present you some of the best beauty tips of 2012. You can see for yourself how much has changed over the year, and where the new trends for beautification lie for 2013:

In the Spa

Do you still remember the time when you went to the spa only to have a chatty cosmetician talk your ears off about the latest celebrity gossip? I don’t know about you but I have always had mixed feelings about those moments sine I would much rather relax and enjoy the silence.

Over the last year, beauty salons have totally revamped their interior designs as well as their attitude towards the clients. Now, you will be greeted by soft candlelight, low, relaxing background music and hi-tech equipment. You are welcome to bring your iPad, smart phone or even laptop, and write some e-mails while the discreet staff is making you look more radiant than ever.

Body Art

Where tattoos were once a sign of underground culture, nowadays, they are literally everywhere, and no one is afraid to show them off. Beautiful, stylish, big or small tattoos in various shapes and colours cover the bodies of both men and women. However, the openness towards body art is by far not the most interesting beauty trend for 2012.

Nail art has become a religion. Celebrities show off dazzling designer manicure with expensive jewellery, while the less fortunate have taken upon themselves to take the nail art into a serious DIY initiative. Nevertheless, having a matching manicure is just as important as picking up the right accessories for your outfit.

Men and Beauty

Over 2012, men have become more open to cosmetic procedures. While they make up only 10-15% of the clientèle at the Botox clinics, they do visit the skin cancer facilities more often, and get advised on the benefits of using skin-enhancing products.

According to the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australia, men believe that it is far more acceptable to use non-surgical methods to fight ageing. The trend will continue to spread over the mail population, so why not consider an interesting New Year’s gift for your sweetheart?

Megan Steel

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