Ban on Sharing Home-Made Food in Knox Kindergartens

Knox Council voted a ban on sharing home-made cakes, egg cartoons and even toilet paper (used in craft classes) in kindergartens in the area. The decision caused passionate debates between parents and educators on whether it is acceptable to take such rough measures. According to the new rules children are allowed to bring mum’s desserts but sharing them with other kids in a big “no-no”.

Why Should Home-Made Cakes be Banned?

According to the council’s reasoning, baked at home food hasn’t undergone the “correct food handling procedures”, comments While most parents claim that they trust home-made goods much more than they would any store-bought item, others are all for the new prohibition. Why? The strongest argument, supporting the home-made food embargo, is that many kids, nowadays, have peanut, lactose and other allergies that can be accidentally triggered when kids exchange desserts.

Even though parents are still confused over how can bough items still be brought to school and bartered, Knox council is standing firmly behind the new kindergarten regulations. The controversy of the rulings make many mums and dads wonder what will follow next – prohibiting children from entering each other’s personal space?

What About the Ban on Donating Crafts Materials?

Imagine the likely scenario of gathering the egg cartoons to give them to your little one for the upcoming kindergarten crafts project – a natural behaviour that encourages teaching the kids about the importance of recycling and reusing every item that allows it. Sounds rational, right? Knox Council, however, has restricted parents from doing that as well. Instead, the kinders will seek out their own materials… for hygiene reasons, since more and more children suffer from anaphylaxis.

While the ban on sharing home-made food means less cleaning at home, in the kitchen specifically, parents are left with nothing but to wonder what comes next – restriction on fund-raisers with baked goods?

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