Aussie Online Shoppers Go Wild Before Christmas


This Christmas Australian shoppers went literally wild and yesterday they broke a record in online trading. More the 500 000 items were ordered over the Internet. The Australian post office is expected to deliver three million parcels extra this year and half a million of them were ordered just yesterday. A spokeswoman Mel Ward from the post office said that 70 per cent of the packages were online purchases. The post services hope to finish all the deliveries in time, so people can enjoy Christmas with their desired presents. However, Ms Ward warns that the sooner people finish their online shopping the better.

The number of online shoppers seem to have risen quite a lot and one of the main reasons for this boom is the less variety of the stock in Australia. Many people are turning their eyes and wallets to eBay or other online store with a wide range of stocks. According to Ms Holly Lucas, an online shopper of the yesterday’s record boom, another reason are the over-priced Aussie stocks. She testifies that many desired products can be easily found online at ridiculously low cost compared to shops. For example, a Givenchy bag can be easily found online for 700 $, but at shops the price can reach 1800 $, which is more than 100 per cent overpriced.

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