Aussie Housewives Are Tireless Home Cleaners

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Most of you who read this publication probably find the household chores repetitive, boring, and downright annoying. And we would have been worried if you thought of them in any other way. However, if there were any women around, they would probably raise their voice.

Hey, where did all the women go? The grocery store perhaps. That would be a good guess since they need more paper towels to, say, tackle the accidental orange juice spill in the kitchen. Along with detergents for their never-ending home cleaning chores.

That’s right, a recent OECD report shows that Aussie women are tireless home-makers who rigorously cater to the requirements of their homes.

We have to admit their dedication borders obsessive-compulsiveness. Ladies, please, that’s a compliment!

Of women in 26 countries, Turkish, Mexican and Portuguese take the glorious top three spots but Australians are right behind them. You go, girls!

The study found Australian women spend an average of 311 minutes daily in home cleaning, child care, shopping, and cooking. While the contribution of Australian men regarding these matters sums up to 172 minutes. Well, that doesn’t seem right. Unless of course watching rugby with a beer can in hand counts.

The study also shows that Aussie women are less likely to take some time off and do something more pleasant. Like browsing 9gag or watching funny cat videos on YouTube. On average, they would dedicate about 270 minutes to leisure per day, which is 30 minutes less than men.

This data was obtained from national time-use surveys and it is based on samples from over 20, 000 households.

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