A New Approach To Christmas Shopping

Everyone is familiar with the Christmas shopping spree that is more contagious than the flu. The shopping centres are full of people, and you literally ought to struggle to get the desired gift item. While some might find it amusing and fun, for most of us it is an unique experience that can be compared only with one thing – torture. The good news is that there seems to be a way out of it – a new approach to Christmas shopping – buying presents online.

Innovative mothers who lack both the time and the energy to go through the frenzy have long since started their research on alternative gifts. A housewife with two little kids claimed that she has begun filling her gift basket as early as July. However, even the less organized and perspicacious of you still stand a chance on getting good deals on presents in the online shops.

The Statistics About The New Approach To Christmas Shopping

According to a comprehensive retail analysis the new approach to Christmas shopping will result in increase of the online purchases with at least $1.2 billion this year. The survey indicates that families with children will be the leading social stratum to take advantage of the time-saving method. On the other hand, only one in every four members of families with no kids will do the shopping online.

Gender Approach To Christmas Shopping in 2012

Gender specification seems also to play a significant role in the planning, and participating in Christmas shopping. While 70% of all the mothers have already chosen, and even ordered the gifts for their dear ones, only about half as many dads have done the same. Naturally, young men rank first where last-minute shopping is concerned – most of them plan to postpone buying gifts for the last weekend, or even for Christmas Eve.

The Click Frenzy – November 20th

That is enough statistics for one day! Retailers also aim to stimulate the new approach to Christmas shopping by organizing for the first time a national online mega-sale also known as Click Frenzy. The US-inspired event will take place only on November 20, when more than 150 Australian retailers will offer lucrative discounts on their goods. You can even register your personal interest, and make the most of the first one-of-a-kind event that will help you actually save on Christmas gifts.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the success of the event, and may the Christmas spirits be with us (even if you have started shopping in July)! Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne wish you good luck!

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