9 Activities We Can Do to Help Koalas

Baby Koala And Its Mom

Title: Female Koala And Her Baby
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Did you know, Aussies, that September is the official koala month? Those chocolate coloured bears are cute, aren’t they? What can we do to ease the life of our fluffy friends?

The very word koala derives from gula. The vowel “u” was written as ”oo” and later changed to “oa”, perhaps due to a mistake. Its meaning is ”doesn’t drink”. I have never been to Queensland, that is why I was so surprised to hear that koalas from Victoria are much bigger than those form Queensland.

Hunted in the past, nowadays koalas are an international symbol for Australians. Tourists come every year to visit us just to see the big lazy bears and there is nothing strange in that taking into account their cute and teddy bear-like face.

So, what can we do to make their life happier? Luckily, lots of things.

         1. Educate Your Children

A numerous popular science films exist, why not watch one with your children? It’s a great and entertaining way to learn more about their habits and way of life. Since they sleep 20 hours a day, it won’t take too much time.

         2. Learn to Bellow Like a Koala

Yes, we all know how to moo like a cow or to bark like a dog. Bellowing(the sound that koalas make) is much harder! Fortunately, excellent video tutorials exist. Little exercises and soon you and your offspring will bellow like professionals!

         3. Get Creative!

Make a research and find unusual, bizarre or little known facts about koalas. Create posters with the children. This can be a great entertaining activity if you take colourful pens and write the facts thoroughly. Not only you’ll have a great time, but you’ll make your child learn the fun way. Who said science must be boring?

         4. Read Koala Books

Finding Home by Sandra Markle and Koala Lou by Mem Fox are just two great examples.

         5. Make Koala Footprints

Koalas have fingerprints, did you know that? Duplicate the its form and use different colour paints to decorate it. In addition, you can hang them around the house in honour of Koala month.

         6. Adopt a Koala

One cannot take care of a koala in a house, of course, but what you can do is to adopt one of these fluffy cuties. You’ll receive a personalized photo of your Koala, a welcome letter and Koala stickers. You can also visit your Koala from time to time if you want to.

         7. Donate

Even 5$ are important! Donate at any time!In return you’ll get the satisfying feeling you did something good in the end of the day. Because why do we exist if not to helping others(animals or people, it doesn’t matter).

         8. Plant Eucalyptus Tree

The good news are you can do it on-line! Leave the hard and dirty work for the others. You just pay the costs. So, what are you waiting for?

         9. Purchase Gifts!

From www.savethekoalashop.com you can choose from bags, seasonal gift, signs, stickers, soft toys, books and so on. This way you’ll help the organization that takes care of koalas.

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