6 Products You Should Absolutely Keep Away from the Freezer

Mama knows best, doesn’t she? It’s not just a popular Jessie J song, it is the naked truth.

I learned that the hard way since I recently moved out from my parents’ house and started living on my own. One of my biggest problems is, of course, food. Mothers always know how to store the products properly, but the same cannot be said for 24-year-old forgetful and clumsy students(like me).

So I wrote this list of foods you should never put in the freezer in order to prevent eventual food waste.

Raw Fruits and Vegetables

Salad greens, green peppers and onions, celery etc. get completely tasteless after you thaw them. They may even fall apart (I know that from my own experience.) You can keep them in the fridge instead.

Dairy Products

This includes curds, yoghurt, sour cream and milk. All of them will be full of lumps after you defrost them. In some cases they will be suitable for cooking, but it is better not to take this risk. Even if it is still edible, its taste will be lost.

Fried Food

A random night with friends watching comedies or horrors(scary movies are actually comedies when we watch them with other people) and large amounts of popcorn, French fries and beer to complement the perfect Saturday evening. So far, so good. But what happens if there is a big bowl full of French fries left untouched in the morning? This scenario happens to me occasionally.

Though it is unpleasant, the most practical advice in this situation is to throw the food. Otherwise it will turn into a wet flavorless swill no one wants to eat. You can keep the space for anything else.


Since potatoes contain lots of water, they will be just moist useless mess after you defrost them. I had to learn that the healthiest place for a potato is a cool and dry place the hard way after I threw a huge amount of it.

Whole Eggs

Obviously I am inconsiderate enough to put eggs in their shells in the freezer. The result: EGG-ocalypse. You know how awful and sharp is the odor of rotten eggs, I guess. Yeah, that’s right. And you won’t be able to remove it during weeks. Three days after the egg accident, a friend of mine asked me what died in my freezer(she was just trying to reach some chocolate ice cream). So, eggs must be stored in the fridge.




Source: pixabay.com

Basil, chives, parsley, other soft herbs. Their useful characteristics work best when they are fresh or kept in a fridge.

What is more, we have to be aware of how the food is packed. If there is a hole in the package, a freezer burn will certainly appear. It is still safe to eat, but has unpleasant flavor. In most cases, you can simply remove the parts affected by the freezer burn, but the best variant is not to keep anything in the freezer for more than three months.

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