30th Nov – Buy Nothing Day

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Humanity is today at a crossroads. It seems like the end goal, the highest value of every human being is to accumulate as much wealth and belongings as possible. Capitalism, the system that governs our behaviour, is itself flawed as it promotes growth of the economy at all costs and gratification through consumption. Consumerism has grown to be the defining feature of our current era and it seems like it has become our nature. Everything else is held in lesser regard and we don’t even realise that.

The Examples Of The Damage

Our consumerist nature inflicts numerous harms to the Earth. We hear about them every single day, but sadly, not many of us pay much attention and think of the global consequences. We pollute the planet and the atmosphere, clear forests and kill millions of animals each year to satisfy our basic needs and somehow we can never get enough.

This has to stop! It is time to refuse the socially acceptable norms of the current era because they are anything but acceptable.

What’s The “Buy Nothing Day” All About?

That’s why the “Buy Nothing Day” initiative was launched in September 1992. The initiator of this now global event was the artist Ted Dave, who planned for it to be a “day for society to examine the issues of over-consumption.” Five years after its inception, in 1997, the “Buy Nothing Day” was moved to the Saturday after the American Thanksgiving, with the Friday being the symbol of consumerism in the United States. Often called the “Black Friday,” it is the busiest shopping day of the year in the US and has now become an unofficial holiday of consumption.

This year the international “Buy Nothing Day” will be held on 30 November. All it takes for you to join the campaign is to simply refrain yourself from buying stuff. Taking this seemingly small step will definitely make a huge difference, however strange it may sound to you. Distancing yourself at least for a day, this withdrawal if you like, from consuming will show you what real life is all about.

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