12 Marvelous Activities to Do in Melbourne on a Rainy Day

So, it’s Saturday and you have decided to celebrate your day off with a nice, long walk with your friend, but unfortunately the unexpected rain ruined your plans. What now?

#1. Visit the State Library

With its changing displays around different topics, a chess section, activity of areas for children and a vast number of books, this places is ideal for wasting a couple of hours or more.

#2. Walk While Raining

A little amount of water can’t scare you, right? It is considered that the most beautiful buildings in Melbourne look even better in the rain.

#3. Visit the Melbourne Museum

it does not contain only ‘old stuff’. Exhibitions are related around various topics.

#4. Shop!

Women use shopping as a relaxing technique since…well, nobody knows exactly. Regardless of your gender, take a nice tour around the major shopping centres. Actually, it’s more entertaining than you imagine.

#4. Go to the Club

Melburnians have lots of clubs, I am sure you will find the one who suits you best among them. Writing, charity, sports or your profession is just a few of them.

#5. Spend Some Time by Yourself

Usually our daily routine is so stressed that we don’t have time for reading. Why not take a seat in your favourite cozy local café and drink a cup of coffee while reading a good novel? This is in my top 10 relaxing activities.

#6. Visit the Aquarium

Fish don’t mind getting wet, right? Why don’t you go see them?

#7. Craft!

Or invent something. Rainy days are perfect for DIY activities such as home repairs, painting, different crafts, or trying new tasty recipes. We all have that one Pinterest project we’re dying to try.

#8. Discover the best pubs

A nice atmosphere, plenty of beer…what can be better for you and your friend?

#9. See a Film

Have you seen the new Angelina Jolie’s film? No? What are you waiting for?

#10. Volunteer

Contact with your local service group and check up if they need some kind of help. Not only you will erase the unpleasant feeling the rainy day left you, but you will do good.

#11. Play a Sport Indoors

Indoor cricket or squash are just a few good examples. Melbourne Aquatic Centre in Albert Park has a lot more options to offer.

#12. Simply Wait…

…half an hour. Melbourne’s weather is so unpredictable that is sure to change.

Megan Steel

About Megan Steel

For Megan, landscaping has been a lifetime passion, and writing about it gives her great pleasure. Ms. Steel specializes in contemporary landscape design, and planting, but she also acknowledges the European style, and classic looks (which she has studied in Italy and Spain). If you want to recreate a little piece of heaven right in your backyard, Megan can help you make it happen, so stay tuned for her articles!
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