Yumtastic Beetroot Risotto

This healthy, vitamin-packed beetroot risotto can be served as a side, or on its own. It’s delicious, creamy and filling, but not too heavy. And the distinguished deep red colour of the beetroot, in contrast with the green rocket, will make for a lovely culinary sight. It takes a significant chunk of time to make due to the slow cooking of the beetroot, so it would be most suitable for your weekend meals. Continue reading

Our Fantastic Partner Of April 2015

Sam - our partner of the month of April 2015, receiving his award

Meet Sam – our contractor of the month of April 2015. We must say we could not be happier having such a great professional and ambitious person as a part of our company. This is far not his first award, although he has been a partner of Fantastic Services Group for just a year.

We asked him to share with us what’s the secret recipe for being this motivated and how he manages to outperform himself each month. Sam revealed that loving his job and looking at his full schedule drives him to success. He sees Fantastic Services Group as a family and a reason to feel more and more comfortable with his daily lifestyle. We’ve asked Sam where he sees himself in two years, and there is no surprise to us in his answer – he plans to grow in his fantastic career and get more teams! Congrats, Sam!

For those of you who would like to find out more about Sam and his work motivation, check out his interview.

Heart-warming Pumpkin Soup

a bowl of creamy pumpkin soup

Title: Cremas de calabaza
Image Source: Boca Dorada @Wikimedia Commons License Type: CC BY-SA 2.0

On a rainy and chilly weekend, everyone needs some warmth and cosiness. And what’s more comforting and heart-warming than a delicious, hot and creamy pumpkin soup? A real autumn treat to your senses. Here we suggest an easy and quick recipe, which will not occupy your whole weekend, but the end result will be fantastically mouth-watering. Continue reading

Sustainable Living Festival 2015

PLanet earth with branches and leaves

Image source: Pixabay.com

The Challenges of the 21st century

With the rapid increase of the world’s population and the consequent effects of human activity on the environment, over the recent decades we have witnessed an unprecedented increase in the number of extreme weather events, such as heat waves, droughts, floods, cyclones and so on.

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Happy Australia Day!

map of australia

Image source: Pixabay.com

January 18-20, 1788.

After an exhausting 250 day sail from England, Arthur Philip, commander of The First Fleet, makes landfall at Botany Bay. On board of the 11 ships of the fleet led by Philip are almost 1500 men and women, more than 700 of which – convicts. The purpose of the trip: to build a new colony where convicts from England would be shipped to.

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Host the Perfect Wine and Cheese Dinner Party

table with glasses and wine

Image source: Pixabay.com

It’s time for you to diversify your party calendar a bit and throw a classy wine and cheese dinner party. It’s low-prep, easy to organise, and fun. So here are the few things you need to know about how to do it.

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Make Your Next Trip To The Beach Safer

a hat and slippers on the sand

Image source: Pixabay.com

Warm summer days, cool breeze, feeling the sand beneath your feet. Some of the many reasons why most of us love going to the beach. But don’t fool yourselves, that pleasant picture can easily turn for the worse in an instant. And I’m not talking about a bad sunburn here. So to stay safe on the beach this summer, keep in mind these helpful tips.

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Toy Storage Solutions That Will Make Life Easier

plush toys

Image source: Pixabay.com

The euphoria of the holiday season is well behind which means it’s time for you to follow up on your New Year’s resolutions. Chances are, cleaning is somewhere on your list of resolutions but even if it’s not, it should be. And a great way to kick it all off is by cleaning the overwhelming mess in your child’s room.

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Home Renovations for Empty-Nesters

two student girls walking towards their university

Image source: Pixabay.com

So, the kids have finally flew the nest. That, dear parents, is a new chapter of your lives that ought to be celebrated. A good way to make yourselves the perfect gift is by embarking on that long awaited home renovation project. A small home fitness, a state of the art game room, or a guest bedroom. Those are just a few of the many options you can choose from when planning what to do with the empty bedroom.

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New Year’s Resolutions to a Healthier You in 2015

Women jumping on the beach

Image source: Pixabay.com

New Year is the time when we all look back on the year that has passed and reflect on our lives. Some things we’ve accomplished we like, others we don’t, but each New Year we make a list of four shortcomings and take a vow to work on them.

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