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Zen home decorLiterally, Zen means meditation in Chinese. In the Eastern culture achieving inner peace is of great importance in a person’s life. Home décor and furnishing can also help you reach that goal. However, no rules are set in stone when it comes to Zen home décor. The most important point is to create a calming, warm environment in the place you spend considerable amount of time.

Elements of Zen Home Decoration

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The “purity” of Zen interior design is what makes it so fascinating and stylish. The main idea is that your dwelling can and should look peaceful without looking somewhat dressed up. Still, you have the freedom to decide how or whether at all to combine some or all the elements of Zen home décor:

  • Clean lines – nothing that could distract the eye;
  • Smart storage space – use built-in or concealed units;
  • No clutter – get rid of everything you don’t essentially need, remember that quality doesn’t mean quantity;
  • Nature – go for natural materials like hardwood, bamboo, cotton, wool and etc.;
  • Subtle colours – non-intrusive, low-impact colours work best for the Zen effect;
  • Simple furniture – the furniture should also have clean, straight lines, it shouldn’t scream for attention;

Nature in Zen Interior Design

Zen elementsZen is all about becoming one with the nature, thus Zen interior design stresses on incorporating the five nature elements in the home décor. To remind you the elements are: fire, earth, water, wood and metal.

The good news is that you can be flexible and come up with various way to achieve it. Just to jump-start your imagination,here are some basic suggestions that might come in handy:

  • Put plants in the room;
  • If you don’t have a fireplace, you can insert the fire element by strategically distributing scented candles throughout the room;
  • As for wood, you can bet on massive wooden furniture, hardwood floors and anything else that pops in mind;
  • Water might seam as a tricky feature to add to a room but, really, anything will work from miniature decorative fountain to a bowl of water with a few leaves floating in it;
  • The easiest to insert nature element is metal – all you need is a figure or a home accessory made of any kind of metal.

Don’t forget that your home is your castle, and you should feel calm and safe inside. The main purpose of the entire Zen movement is to relieve you of the everyday life stress, bring order for your home, mind and body and re-connect you with the environment.

Speaking of order, you shouldn’t forget that a clean home is a happy place, where no one quarrels over the chores. You can’t have a Zen home if dust covers the shelves, no matter how little stuff is placed on them. Still, with de-cluttering your life and your dwelling, you will be reducing the amount of your housework significantly, so this is yet another motivation for you to go Zen.

As usual, you can count on the Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne to help you with any home chores, you don’t want to finish on your own. We understand what Zen is all about!

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  1. Great post! I could not agree more, your home needs to be calm, clean and warming.

    • Margaret Swanton says:

      Thank you, Ron for the nice words :) I am glad to hear that you agree with Henry on the basics of Zen :)

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  3. Jenna says:

    Hi Megan, I love the images used on your site. Are you able to PM the creditor details? I would love to ask if I could use them on my website.